Thursday, 14 December 2017

Wild Dogs

Indian Wild Dog
Wherever I travel on safari, a Wild Dog sighting is always guaranteed to create an extra buzz with Safari guests. 
Whether it’s Africa or India, when there are Wild dogs around the level of excited anticipation rises up to Tiger, Leopard and Lion levels.
And so it was when traveling back towards the entrance gate in Kanha Nation Park one morning, after a great five hour game drive. Earlier we’d tracked and found a Tigress and her four cubs, and seen a myriad of other creatures, now all thoughts were on a celebratory early lunch and a siesta. All that changed when we heard about this mating pair. 
Pair of Indian Wild Dogs
Cameras  came back out of bags, and heads were spinning in all directions searching for these illusive animals. Which dutifully appeared right at the last minute 500 meters from the gate. Fantastic. 
African Wild Dog
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