Friday, 27 October 2017

Djuma - another successful visit for WE viewers. Read more to be there in 2018

September Djuma safari
Once again our Djuma safari has been a great success, with some amazing sightings ranging from five different leopards, to many Lions, Wild-dogs, Cheetah, Elephant, Rhino, Hyena, even leopard with a Honey Badger it has killed. The list goes on.
Meeting the SafariLive team outside FC
 Of-course one of the highlights was a visit to the SafariLive facilities to meet the crew.
Checking out the broadcast vehicles
Seeing the start of the show from inside FC rather than being on the other-side of the world is a very special experience.
FC visit
I had to add this Elephants picture, what a wonderful sighting.
A nice Element on game drive
And for me, I was back behind the bar at Vuatela!
Yours truly behind the bar at Vuyatela
We will have more Djuma safaris available in 2018, including a twin location safari that takes in both Maasai Mara and Djuma. Subscribe to our newsletter to be first for updates on these special safaris.


  1. The "twin" safari is going to be fabulous!!!

  2. As the short lady in the big hat, I can vouch for the fact that our safari was outstanding! We enjoyed excellent sightings at truly lovely camps. Thank you, Will and Carol, for memories that will last a lifetime.