Monday, 30 January 2017

The scourge of Rhino poaching is ever present in Africa and especially South Africa. Sadly it is not something that will go away quickly and long term solutions are needed. The ray of hope is that there is a huge ground swell of people supporting anti poaching projects.
Thankfully many of the private game reserves within the greater Kruger park have significant anti poaching patrols and safari guests are still able to see these magnificent creatures.
The only proviso we ask is that any pictures of Rhino that you take on safari with us, are not geo-tagged when published on social media, for obvious reasons.

Join us on safari and see for your self

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Invitation to become a camera trapper

On Track Safaris was formed to raise funds for our work in conservation and education. It's the very bed rock of why we operate our safaris. Much of the leopard research work we do involves using camera traps to monitor and record leopard movement in South Africa.  Where, safari guests are invited to be involved by trying their hand at camera trapping, quite often with amazing results.
But being involved with camera trapping is something you can be part of at any time from anywhere in the world. Just join our camera trappers club to be involved.

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Poacher turned Guardian

We're very pleased to announce that On Track Safaris has joined the TOFT Tigers program which works to conserve Indian wildlife. A great example of the work they do is to recruit ex poachers to become guardians of wildlife, which has proved to be very successful.
Join an On Track Safari in India and you can enjoy some amazing wildlife experiences and be contributing to Tiger conservation. CLICK HERE for more information.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

The secrets out

Ok, it's not a huge secret, but ....South Africa offers the best value safaris for 2017. Turmoil on the international markets in 2016 has made 2017 the year to visit South Africa.
We have secured some great deals with our lodge providers and can still offer some great deals, however we only use small intimate and exclusive lodges, so my advice is to book early to avoid disappointment.

Written by Will Fox