Friday, 30 September 2016

Djuma Safaris 2017 - New special deals

Guests heading out on safari after visiting Final Control
There are just four days left to confirm your place on one of our exclusive Djuma Safaris in 2017.
As a fan of WildEarth and #SafariLive you'll be very familiar with Djuma Game Reserve, which is the base for safari broadcasts and home to the amazing film crew we all know and love. Vuyatela Game Lodge at Djuma joins the DRC (safari crew camp) and has become extremely popular, especially with South African tourists due to it's unique and very successful business model. So much so, that there are only a few available dates remaining in 2017 which we have provisionally booked for WildEarth fans who wish to join our Djuma Safaris. However, we can't hold these dates for long and need to confirm in just four days time.
WildEarth fans on safari with OTS meeting the TV crew
Our exclusive Djuma safaris are not available anywhere else as they are hosted by On Track Safaris CEO and WildEarth Director Will Fox during your stay at Vuyatela Game Lodge. Where you have an opportunity to meet the crew and visit Final Control.
WildEarth director Will Fox with OTS guest Mary visiting FC
In keeping with the feedback we have had from WildEarth fans over the last week or so, we now have two different safaris that will run simultaneously and are available in June and October.
The first is our Djuma Special Safari, which is fantastic value and has proved very popular with WildEarth fans over the last two years. It includes both Vuyatela and Cheetah Plains game lodges as well as our safari base (home of the INGWE Leopard Research program) and Klaserie game reserve.  CLICK HERE for more details.
Our guests enjoying back stage passes to Final Control to see the start of the show
The second (and new) safari package is a special Djuma version of our standard three reserve safari package, whereby we replace one of the three reserves we normally visit with a stay at Vuyatela Game Lodge for just £1,995 pps which at current exchange rates is approximately $2,600 pps.
This special safari is not even listed on our website, however you can CLICK HERE to check out our standard three reserve and just replace the three nights at Umlani Game Lodge with three nights spent at Vuyatela Gmae Lodge at Djuma.
View from Vuyatela Game Lodge of the Djuma Water Hole
We have a very short window to secure these two safaris, so Email Carol today for more information or to make a booking.

Monday, 19 September 2016

What's in a name - Golden/Strawberry Leopards

We have been seeing the now famous but very rare Golden or Strawberry Leopard quite often on our research camera traps.
This example is resident on the Thaba Tholo wilderness reserve, where we have been conducting leopard research for nearly ten years.
Join us on safari at Thaba Tholo 

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Congratulations to Dr Tara

Many of our safari guests will have met Tara Pirie while on safari with us over the last few years. Tara has been leading our leopard research program and working towards her PhD on leopard behaviour through Reading University.
We had some great news last month, when Tara's work was accepted and she is now officially Dr Pirie.
Huge congratulations go to Tara, but the good news doesn't end there. Tara has accepted a post doctoral research role at Reading, which means she will be continuing to work with our leopard program.
For more information on our leopard program, click the about us link on our website

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Rhino peril

Rhino are under serious threat from poaching which is a major concern for everyone and has created some very successful (if expensive) anti poaching initiatives.
This year however, there is yet another threat to these animals due to the drought in Africa. This has caused some game reserves to take the unusual step of laying food out for Rhino (and of-course other species that come along). Feeding animals is not the norm and is frowned on in many circles. The theory being that drought is part of the normal cycle in nature. The debate will no doubt continue as to whether we should interfere or not, but at the end of the day, whether it be feeding or anti poaching patrolling, we need to protect this species.

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Excitement of guests and guides alike.

This years safaris have produced some memorable sightings, but what marks this a special year is that we are enjoying some very unusual sightings.
Pangolin and Aardvark are just two of the illusive and secretive species we have seen recently, much to the excitement of guests and guides alike.

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