Sunday, 23 August 2015

Excerpts from guest thank you's and reviews

Some excerpts from recent guest thank you letters. You can read more reviews just click here Safari Reviews

Our South Africa trip was certainly the trip of a lifetime for us and the safari was certainly the icing on the cake. Thanks so much for organising such a varied and interesting week for us. It was lovely to meet yourself and Will and hear about the passion that you share first hand. Thanks so much for your hospitality. 

We particularly loved our time at Nkaya lodge, the ambience there was so relaxing and the sightings were truly fabulous- we certainly weren't ready to leave there, the leopard and lion sightings will live long in our memories. The  food and accommodation were fabulous and we both felt that the smaller size of this lodge gave a more personal experience which we would be happy to recommend to anybody.  Andre and his tracker Andrew were excellent guides and our game drives were really special. 

We both felt that the way the week worked, with a variety of activities, including the insight into leopard conservation and research, definitely added to our enjoyment and interest. The whole week felt very personal, we felt extremely well looked after and I would certainly recommend On Track to any of our friends considering a safari.

Thanks once again to everyone at On Track for a fabulous week - hopefully we will get to do a safari with you again in the future!

Clare and John Cooper

We arrived back in the UK yesterday morning, back to reality :(

We had a fabulous time on safari, the memories will last forever, it was truly special. We were very lucky to see the big 5 and so much more. Feedback wise, I cannot find fault at all. All the camps were brilliant in their own unique ways. 

Raptor's retreat took the accommodation to another level and Umlani was also amazing, we saw the big 5 again here and both leopard and lion with kills which was awesome! 
I shall gladly do a review for you, thanks for organising everything so well, we had a great time

Amyleigh & Martin


We arrived home this morning feeling desperately sad to have left Africa behind - but with loads of great memories of a fantastic trip.

Anne and I had an idea of what to expect, having been on safari trips in Botswana, but the holiday exceeded our expectations and Becca said it was the experience of a lifetime. We thought the whole package was well thought out and all the elements fitted together well and built up nicely. 

It was great to meet you and Will and hear about the wider range of work you are doing (how on earth do you fit it all in?)

Thanks again - we'll be in touch soon.


Meet Will and Carol - its a date

If you are considering a safari, or if you would just like to meet On Track Safaris founders Will and Carol and learn more about their work in wildlife conservation, then they will be at three events in the UK in early 2016 where they would love to see you:

The Times Holiday & Travel show, Manchester's EventCity from 21st - 24th January
The Times Holiday and Travel show, London, Olympia 4th - 7th February
The Telegraph Travel show, London, ExCel 8th - 10th January.

Will and Carol having been working in wildlife conservation in Africa since 2004. Their main focus has been on big cats and Rhino, with the INGWE Leopard Research program being the main outlet for funds raised by On Track Safaris.

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Thursday, 20 August 2015

Leopards - our favourites

Here are some great photographs of leopards, we hope you'll enjoy.
Not more to be said, other than they are magnificent creatures and the reason we do what we do.
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Sunday, 16 August 2015

Leopards we've helped over the years

On Track Safaris founders Will and Carol have been working with leopards since 2004. Over the years they have saved many leopards. Often ensuring they were relocated away from areas where they were under direct threat.
Take the leopard above, that was caught by a livestock farmer, who would have killed this cat if Will and Carol hadn't arranged for him to be relocated and released away from harm.
It would be great to be abale to keep track of all the leopards they have relocated, but only a few had tracking collars (as seen below). Tracking collars are only used for scientific research into behaviours and are fitted with a vet in attendance to ensure all is well.

If you would like to support leopard conservation and enjoy an amazing wildlife safari, then email Carol to get the best deals we can offer you.

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Leopards are the reason for On Track Safaris

It was the draw of working with leopards that brought On Track Safaris founders Will and Carol to Africa, and they remain the main focus of our conservation work.
We are involved with a number of other wildlife conservation projects, but it's the INGWE Leopard Research program that is the main thrust of our non profit work.
Join an On Track Safari and you'll be in the company of dedicated wildlife experts, who also know a thing or two about ensuring you have the trip of a life time.

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Balloon flight on Safari

Balloon trip in Africa
A balloon ride over the African bush is an unforgettable experience. It obviously can't be called game viewing as you're high above the tree tops, but the scenery especially as the sun rises is spectacular.

Pre-dawn - getting the balloon ready for flight
It can be a little chilly first thing. But hot coffee and a camp fire keep us warm, while the balloon is also warmed up.

Heading off in the pre dawn light with the Mountains behind us
Of-course the wind decides which direction the flight takes and its difficult to predict the landing site. Here we landed in amongst the Orange groves. A perfect landing.
Perfect landing
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