Thursday, 30 April 2015

Dans bush blog 1

Hi there, for those of you who don’t know, I’m Dan…the On Track Safaris Intern. Now I’d mentioned in a previous blog that Will and Carol had treated me to a ticket to South Africa so I could experience first hand how we do things in the bush. 

Well after around a 30 hour trip from rainy Bournemouth I’m finally here! So after scrambling around Jo’burg airport for a sim card and some grub that wasn’t plane food I have been picked up by non other than our favourite Becky who has transported me to the gates of my new home for the next seven weeks..Thaba Tholo Wilderness Reserve. 

I’m beyond excited and want to share my experience with you all so join me on this adventure by following my blog, posting some comments or just simply enjoying the pics from my trip so far. 

I’ll be regularly uploading my “Bush Blogs” and also posting video diaries on our OTS YouTube Channel.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Leopards, Leopards everywhere

Leopards leopards everywhere. As many of you will know, our leopard research team are based on our safari home reserve.
Here is a small selection from the hundreds of leopard pictures we get from our camera trap network.
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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Diamond girl and the kids

By now many of you will be familiar with some of the resident leopards on our home reserve.
Of-course the star of the show is Diamond Girl pictured above.
She is also in the picture below (just) along with her cubs.
All pics are from our leopard research camera traps
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Written by Will Fox

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Very rare leopard on our home reserve

A very rare Strawberry Leopard captured on camera trap by Tara Pirie from our leopard research team.
Of-course we've been aware of Black Leopards in our area for many years, but the presence of Strawberry Leopards was previously only rumoured, however we now have proof. Making this a very rare sighting.
This picture was taken at our home reserve (Thaba Tholo wilderness reserve), which is the base for most of our South African safaris.
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Written by Will Fox

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Red bill and yellow eye

Red billed Oxpeckers
Thankfully we see a lot of oxpeckers on safari. I say thankfully because it wasn't too many years ago that they were in dangerous decline due to the toxic dips used by cattle ranchers on their domestic herds.
However the cattle dips are now oxpecker friendly (in the main), not only for the benefit of wildlife but also the animals they serve such as the buffalo pictured.
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