Thursday, 26 February 2015

Diamond girl there's no stopping her

Many folks have been asking how Diamond Girl and her off spring are doing. Diamond Girl is one of the resident leopards on our home reserve and has proved to be a very able mother. Over the last seven years she has successfully raised eight cubs, which is fantastic.
As you can see from the camera trap pics, there is no stopping her.
Written by Will Fox

Thursday, 19 February 2015

"The lions don't seem worried by us"

One of the most common things we hear from our guests on safari is the comment (with a slight question intone) "The lions don't seem worried by us?"
Well that's normally the case when you are accompanied by a guide who understands lion behaviour.
Of-course its easy to think that they aren't picking up on anything unusual or changes that might happen during a sighting. A flick of the tail or a twitching ear from an otherwise flat cat may be sufficient signs to recognise that a cat is becoming irritated or just concerned. And as I say that is why your guide is there.
And if they just walk by to check us out....Well thats ok.
Written by Will Fox

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Safari Bush Walks?

The question most asked by visitors to our stand at the Times Travel and Destination show was "do we do bush walks?"
Well the simple answer is yes, especially in the morning and before the midday sun makes seeking shade a much better option. But there are a few caveats that go with that answer.
First is to say that having your boots on the ground is a fantastic way to really experience the African bush. Your guide will literally show you how to read the bush (we call it reading the morning paper). From reading animal tracks, to understanding the use (both medicinal and cultural) for tress, shrubs, bushes and even dung; it's a great experience.
To be honest the only downside is that you will not see or get as close to animals on foot as you would in an open game drive vehicle. The bottom line is that animals tend to view people on foot as a threat, but not vehicles. Which is why our safaris offer a balance between both experiences. Join us in Africa and experience the difference.

Written by Will Fox

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Working with Leopards - its what we do

As most of you will know, our main aim is one of helping to protect the African Leopard, indeed it is the reason we started On Track Safaris in the first place i.e. to help to raise money for leopard conservation.
For many years our CEO (Will) has specialised in catching big cats for research purposes (normally to either fit or remove tracking collars).
Will has recently been in Kenya assisting with a research project for the University of California, where he caught two leopards and nine spotted hyena for the research team. It's true to say that as well as being very valuable research work, Will also enjoys the challenge of catching big cats in remote areas of Africa. We're hoping that he will be able to take a few of our safari guest on his next trip!

Written by Dan Swan

Friday, 6 February 2015

Wing mirror pic

Its always good to show photographs that our guests have taken rather those we take on safari.
One of the shots that everyone is trying to out do each other with is the wing mirror shot i.e. a pic of animals close by, all the while showing the guests reflected in the vehicle wing mirror.
Hopefully that makes some sense, but anyway, its all a bit of fun.

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