Wednesday, 29 October 2014

More leopard cubs

Diamond girl (resident leopard on our home reserve) has done it again. Over the last six years she has successfully raised six cubs and now we have our fourth litter.
The pictures come from camera traps that are part of our leopard research program.
Our 2015 safari guests may well be in for an extra treat as Diamond normally encourages her cubs to feel relaxed around game drive vehicles, so we hope to have plenty of opportunities for our guests to see the cubs grow. Exciting times.

Written by Will Fox

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Fantastic new lodge for 2015

Every year we look for ways to improve our safari packages. For example we will be including Raptors Retreat (pictured) in our standard safaris in 2015.
As you can see the quality of accommodation is fantastic.
One of the key elements of our safaris is that we prefer small friendly family run lodges, where our guests can feel at home. And as ever, we ensure that wherever we go, conservation and wildlife are important parts of the ethos of our lodges. But as I always say, that doesn't need to come at the expense of a touch of luxury.
Written by Will Fox

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Night drive leopards

We normally stop in the bush for a sun-downer (drink taken in the bush, surprisingly as the sun sets) and then continue the last half of an hour of our afternoon game drives as darkness falls.
These are magical times when the balance swings in favour of predators and the nightly opera unfolds.
Of-course because its dark we have to use a spot light to search for animals, but there are strict ethical codes that we follow to ensure we don't interfere of affect the natural balance.
By its very nature, night drives are less productive in terms of sightings then day time viewing, but when we do come across animals, its a magical experience.
Join us in Africa

Written by Will Fox

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Hyena - you have to love them

Much maligned by cartoonists, but in truth fascinating creatures and very capable predators. Spotted Hyena soon become a favourite with many of our guests, especially the youngsters.
As can been seen below they re inquisitive creatures and when young often very inquisitive, as per this youngster who aims to bite the metal steps of our land rover.
He or she (its hard to tell at this age) will soon learn that land rovers are not food. It's great that they feel relaxed in our company, but as I remind our guest often, they are wild animals, so we need to always be aware.
Join us in Africa

Written by Will Fox

Friday, 17 October 2014

Bush walks - a great way to enjoy the African bush

Guided bush walks are a great way to experience the African bush. These are the times with your boots are on the ground when you'll not just view animals but be part of Africa.
Learn how a termite mound is made and how that fascinating eco system works, or the local uses for many of the trees and bushes. For example the tooth brush tree or the toilet paper bush with its soft and plentiful leaves :-)
Early morning is the best time to take a bush walk, in those magical hours after dawn when the light is perfect for tracking and its still a pleasant temperature.

Join us on Safari

Written by Will Fox

Monday, 13 October 2014

Leopard cubs

As many of you will know Diamond Girl is one of the resident leopards on our home reserve. This year she has produced her fourth litter of cubs as can been seen in the camera trap pictures.
Now that she has started to move her cubs they'll no doubt be seen more and more on game drive. Join us in Africa
Written by Will Fox

Wednesday, 8 October 2014


On Track Safaris has been given a great boost by progressing to the shortlist of the 2014 World Responsible Travel Awards in the best for wildlife conservation category.
We're up against some stiff competition but we're feeling good about our chances. After all we're a company whose ethos is based on creating funds for our work in wildlife conservation and community support, so we should be in with a chance.
Carol has been invited to attend the award ceremony at the World Travel Market held in London in November, when we will find out how we have done. In the meantime we're crossing everything.

Written by Will Fox

Saturday, 4 October 2014

2015 Specialist photography Safaris

Ian Locock
We are able to offer a specialist photographers safari in September 2015. Photographers Ian and Rose Locock will be leading a safari from the 14th - 25th September 2015 offering personal tuition to aspiring photographers while visiting three big five game reserves. 
Ian Rose Photography are a husband and wife team who have a passion for experiencing and photographing the wildlife and bush of Africa.
If photography is your passion, then they are offering an affordable Big Five safari photographing lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo as well as a whole host of other mammals, birds and reptiles.
This safari has been specifically tailored for photographers who are as keen as we are at seizing every opportunity to get the perfect shot without the hustle and bustle of a normal safari package.
The package we are offering allows you to experience taking African wildlife photographs in a dedicated safari vehicle with only 6 semi professional photographers. You will have you own seat at the edge of the vehicle and plenty of space to store extra equipment as well as a knowledgeable guide from each lodge.
Our experience will enable us to have the vehicle in the best positions for photographing wildlife as well as offering you guidance from capturing images to post processing.

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