Thursday, 25 September 2014

Shaken but not stirred.

Whenever we can we invite our safari guests to get involved hands on with our work in conservation. Next year we will be assisting in a Rhino micro chipping project and offering a special safari that includes a chance to be hands on, alongside the capture team as they dart wild rhino to fit a micro chip as part of an essential anti rhino poaching initiative.
This week Rudi (one of the guides at our safari base Black Leopard Camp), got more than he bargained for when he was assisting vets in darting Kudu from a helicopter. Keen as ever Rudi was on the ground quickly tracking and finding the sedated Kudu to check they were ok. At one point as he ran quickly through the bush to get to a sedated Kudu, he didn't notice the Rhino bull that was also close by hidden in the bush. Quick on his feet and in true James Bond style, he swerved around the Rhino (which was more interested in the helicopter at the time) and got to the Kudu, shaken but not stirred.

Written by Will Fox

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Nail Biting Stuff

Exeter Uni Lecturer Sarah Rose with a poster from Nail Biting Reality
I was very fortunate to be invited to speak at Exeter Universities Grand Challenges week this year to talk about African wildlife conservation as well as sit in on a few of the student group workshops. One group were looking at the huge Rhino poaching issue and examined the problem from a new angle.
Rhino horn is used in Chinese Traditional Medicine, yet it is just keratin the same as human finger nails. So their project was to promote the use of human finger nail clippings instead of Rhino horn, as seen in the pic above. They call their project Nail Biting Reality, which you can follow on social media. It's a great take on creating an anti poaching campaign and one we support.

Written by Will Fox
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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Never miss the chance to photograph an Ele

Early morning in Thorny Bush game reserve and we find ourselves once again in the company of a relaxed herd of Ele's. A wonderful experience and one I never tire of.
Oh yes and cameras come in all shapes and sizes.
Written by Will Fox

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Tracking Lions - Messy eater

We often track lions while on safari. Early mornings may be sometimes chilly in an open game drive vehicle, but are the best time to track animals.
We found this lioness after she had been enjoying her breakfast, a definite case of a messy eater.

Written by Will Fox

Saturday, 6 September 2014

School a Twitter

Pictured above left to right. Head guide Becky Freeman, CEO Will Fox and Customer liaison Carol Fox accompanied by safari guests and the nursery class teacher that On Track Safaris funds at Sizo primary school in South Africa.
We started this nursery class in January and it has been a huge success. One that we intend to keep going for years to come.
You can keep up to date with daily pictures from our team via our twitter page.