Wednesday, 30 July 2014


Elephants are always a firm favourite with our safari guests. Most often relaxed and comfortable in our company, it would be easy to become complacent, but our guides are very experienced in understanding Elephant behaviour, they are wild and dangerous animals after all.
We'll get you close to Elephants as long as they are showing us they are happy.
You have to love them, the largest animal in Africa, yet able to move almost silently through the bush.
Written by Will Fox

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Safari Bush Walks

Briefing before a bush walk
Where possible we like to include bush walks in to our safaris. As they say, 'from a vehicle you see Africa, but on foot you experience and feel Africa'.
Of-course we mix and match game drives in an open vehicle with bush walks to bring variety to your experience. Whether you prefer more vehicle and less bush walks or visa versa or no bush walks at all, the choice is yours.

Join us on Africa

Written by Will Fox

Friday, 25 July 2014

Five cat species in just one month!

One INGWE camera trap on the Drifters property has been very busy this month, with a large variety of animals passing by. Of the 6 cat species in the area (large and small) 5 were caught on the same camera on different days this month.
First came the caracal

Then the cheetah strolled by
An african wild cat was the next to pop up
Next up was the leopard
And finally it was a lion

Who knew one camera could be such a hive of activity!

Join us in Africa
Written by Becky Freeman

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Big and small in Zambia

There are some great opportunities to view game in the Luangwa Nation Park in Zambia. We mix game drives in an open vehicle with bush walks, with a preference for walking where possible.
Sparrow Weaver nest
Something I hadn't seen before was a Sparrow Weavers nest. Very similar to the weavers nests seen throughout Africa, but in this case it has both an entrance and exit and is used all year as a .... well ....... house, and not just for breading.
Puku Antelope with a baby Ele
We came across this baby Ele playing around with a small herd of Puku, while we were on a bush walk. Okay so you can't see the herd of Eles with mum just out of sight, but she was keeping a close eye on us and her baby.
Hippo in an Oxbow Lake
The meandering nature of the River Luangwa, means that series of Oxbow lakes have been made. Now isolated from the main river, they are very popular with Hippo, Croc and all game.

If you would like to visit Zambia on safari, then email for more info.
Written by Will Fox

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Variety of Style

View from your bed as the river Luangwa with lots of game
As with all of our safaris, we like to offer a variety of lodges. Each is hand picked with an individual style that is one of the corner stones of our safari ethos.
Zambia bush camp
Bush Camp on the banks of Luwi river
From bush camps to lodges you will enjoy some fantastic accommodation while on Safaris with us.

Zabian Lodge
As ever we only use small intimate lodges, which creates the family atmosphere and personal service that is part of an On Track Safari.

Great slipper bath with views across the bush
Luxurious open air living
Sit and watch the world and wildlife go by
If you would like to join us on a Zambian safari or any of the other great safaris that we have then email

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Leopards, they're why we created On Track Safari

It was and continues to be our work in leopard research that was/is the reason we formed On Track Safaris i.e. to help fund our work in conservation.
I've had many (lets say) interesting times with leopards over the years and I still love them.

Join us in Africa

Written by Will Fox

Monday, 14 July 2014

Sundowners on the Luangwa River

Nearly all evening game drives stop for a sundowner somewhere in the bush. That can range from a quick stop with snacks and drinks served from the bonnet (hood) of the off road vehicle, to something more elaborate.
Pictured is a special sundowner spot on the banks of the Luangwa River in Zambia. What I didn't show in the picture was the cooling bottle of Champagne that was waiting for us as we arrived at this place. But as you can see below, a glass of bubbly was very popular.
Join us on safari in Zambia. Email Carol for more details

Written by Will Fox

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Camera Trappers

Our Camera Trapper program allows you to have your own camera trap in Africa. As well as getting exclusive pics from your camera sent to you each month, you also receive a monthly digest of the best of the rest photos from the reserves where we conduct leopard research.
Head guide Becky is getting some interesting camera trap pics from the cameras she is running in the Balule reserve as part of our leopard research program.
The camera traps operate 24 x 7 monitoring movements in the bush day and night.

Become an On Track Camera Trapper. Just follow the links from the about us section of our website

Written  by Will Fox

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Lions everywhere

"Look more Lions. How many is that we've seen?"
It's wonderful to see and in this case hear the excitement of our safari guests as they enjoy times with Africa's wildlife. After all, spending time in the company of these magnificent animals is a big part of what our safaris are about.
We can normally get quite close and as long as we stay sat on the game drive vehicle we'll be fine. Our tracker above isn't worried in the slightest about the lioness behind him, nor is she worried about him. But all that would change if he tried anything unusual.
 This lioness loves to pose for the camera.
Its not just about viewing animals, its about enjoying time in their company in the African bush.

Join us in Africa

Written by Will Fox

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Sun downer

As the sun sets towards the end of each game drive, we stop for drinks and snacks in the bush, better know as 'sun downers'. Then once the sun has set, we break out the spot light and go to see what nocturnal animals we can find.


Written by Will Fox

Much maligned but really efficient predators

Wild dogs have sadly been persecuted for many years by livestock owners. So its great to see them on safari.
Much maligned, they are actually very efficient predators. Not the vicious killers as often depicted, when hunting it can take them just 3 mins from the first bite to nothing but bones remaining.
Pack life follows a strict hierarchy with everyone pitching in to bring up the youngsters. Wonderful to see and wonderful to know they still survive if only in certain areas.

Written by Will Fox

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Rhino - do the maths

The surge of Rhino poaching over the last few years in South Africa is a huge problem. There are around 20,000 white Rhino and 5,500 Black Rhino left in wild Africa. We're loosing 1000+ due to poaching, so as they say 'do the maths'. If we don't stop the poachers, then the future is not bright.
Thankfully we still have some great Rhino sightings on safari. Okay so we no longer publish where we see those Rhinos, but nevertheless we have some great sightings.

Written by Will Fox


We often see Cheetah on safari, but moreover we get to know some individuals on the reserves we visit. They tend to have a hard life when there are Lions around as the Lions will not tolerate them in their territory. But they keep a low profile and stay one step ahead.

Written by Will Fox