Sunday, 29 June 2014


Ok, so it will come as no surprise that Leopard sightings are my personal favourite. After all leopards and leopard conservation is the reason I came to Africa in the first place and the reason we first established On Track Safaris.

It's an absolute pleasure to see our guests enjoying regular sightings of leopards while on safari. We're experts in Leopard behaviour and will get you as close as possible for those special photographs.

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Written by Will Fox

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Hyenas - really cool

Love them or not, Hyenas are fantastic animals. Not only are they very efficient predators, but (at least when they"re young) they're very cute.
We regularly see spotted hyena on safari especially when they have young and stay around a den site for several weeks at a time.
Sure Walt Disney may have depicted them as being nasty in cartoons, but in reality they are essential members of any healthy eco-system. It's also really cool to hear them calling at night!

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Written by Will Fox

Sunday, 22 June 2014

A real treat

We have been very lucky with Elephant sightings on our safaris. Not just in terms of regularly seeing them, but moreover spending some quality time, just enjoying being with them in their environment.
Key to enjoying any sighting is understanding each species behaviour. In any herd of elephants the matriarch calls the shots and normally dictates how the rest of the herd behave. Finding a herd of relaxed Ele's (as we often do) is always a real treat.
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Written Will Fox

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Ten day safari for just £1,450

This year we have added a new safari to our suit of South African tours.
Our ten day, three reserve package is based from Hoedspruit (EastGate) Airport, Limpopo and takes in three different game reserves, staying three nights in each.
Pictured is Umlani lodge in the Timbervati Game reserve (famous for its white lion project). As with all the game lodges we use, Umlani only caters for small numbers of guests, which enables folks to enjoy the intimate atmosphere and personal service that are the corner stone of our safaris.
This ten day (three reserve) safari is currently available for the amazing pice of just £1,450 per person sharing.
Click here to contact Carol for more information

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Written by Will Fox

Friday, 20 June 2014

Game Lodge - Contemporary styling that blends with its environment.

We visit a variety of different styles of lodges during our safaris. Game Lodge (pictured) has been rebuilt after suffering flood damage when the adjacent river flooded in the storms of Jan 2011. The owners have gone for a contemporary echo-chic feel which is quite different from the traditional thatched lodges. Yet the architects have managed to design buildings that provide a fresh style which blends sympathetically with its environment within the Balule Nature Reserve.
Game Lodge has become a firm favourite with our safari guests. I figure that from the pictures above you can see why.

Join us on safaris and visit Game Lodge with us.

Written by Will Fox

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Morning cuppa

Will Fox (left) with OTS guests enjoying a pre dawn morning coffee before game drive
A cup of something warm is very welcome before the first game drive of the day. Especially in the early morning just before dawn when the embers from the last nights fire have been livened up to boil  the kettle. Of-course a slice of toast, also cooked on the fire also goes down very well.

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Monday, 16 June 2014

Uganda to suit your pocket

Uganda offers a unique diversity of wildlife, natural beauty, and friendly inhabitants that all combine to make the country one of Africa’s hidden gems. Our Ugandan packages will expose you to the breathtaking beauty of this country, as well as provide life-changing interaction with the Silverback Gorillas and Chimpanzees that Uganda is renowned for.
We have three Ugandan Safari packages to suit your pocket:
12 Day Ugandan Safari
We’ve tailored this fully guided safari package to offer a rich variety of wildlife experiences, whilst our guides provide a unique insight into the local culture and Ugandan life. Your accommodation will be in lodges with all meals included. Of-course the opportunity to view wild Gorillas in their natural habitat is quite simply amazing. A once in a lifetime experience that is simply a must do for every wildlife enthusiast. Tourism is helping to sustain the Gorillas and their habitat which is exactly why we established On Track Safaris. You will visit the legendary Nile and the awesome Murchison Falls, amongst other unique experiences.

7 Day Ugandan Safari
Our seven day fully guided safari visits the South Western elements of our 12 day package, missing out the River Nile and Murchison Falls National Park, but still including the Queen Elizabeth National Park (home of the tree climbing lions) Chimpanzee Tracking and of-course Gorilla tracking in the Bwindi impenetrable forest.
Overland trail
This overland camping tour includes the attractions of trekking in indigenous forests to see wild gorillas and chimpanzees, as well as exploring vast water-ways, mystical villages hidden in mist, and the lesser known sights of tree climbing lions, huge pods of hippopotamus, and of course the endless variety of plains animals. This tour endeavors to explore the scenic beauty of Uganda, its people, and its wildlife. We will cover approx 2000km, some of it on extremely bad roads but the rewards are unequalled.

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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Last year he wasn't up to the job, but this year?

We're seeing a slight shift in the power struggle between father and son in the ThornBush game reserve. I'm referring to Lions of-course!
The son pictured above wants his fathers territory and now that he has grown into a nice sized male lion, he is looking for the fight. Not just teenage angst, but a deadly desire to be top lion.
Last year he tried but was not up to the job. This year, he's a lot bigger, so who knows?

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Written by Will Fox

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

A corner stone of On Track Safaris

Here is something you won't see very often. On Track Safaris founder Will Fox not wearing bush clothes, or in the bush.
Will was invited to be the key note speaker at Exeter Universities Grand Challenges week, which challenged students to think about Conservation issues and create projects that could tackle some of these issues. During the week long event the students split into working groups and attended other lectures and talks by Tourism Concern and ex political spin doctor Alastair Campbell.
Will also chaired some of the conservation workshops and worked with many of the students to assist and guide them with his key point being to keep it real.
Several of the student initiatives have been put forward for further funding and Will has committed to continue to mentor those groups as they progress.
It's all part of our work to engage young and older alike in wildlife conservation, which is one of the corner stones of On Track Safaris.

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