Friday, 12 April 2013

School building works - we're making a real difference.

Building works at Sizo school
Building work is well underway to refurbish old buildings at Sizo school. We have raised sufficient funding to not only put in the new kitchen they so desperately needed, but also a new dining room.
This means that very shortly, the children will be able to enjoy a hot meal each day and be able to eat in doors for the first time in decades.
As they say in Africa ....Happy Days.
Carol in Project Manager mode talking to the building foreman
Thanks to everyone who has joined us on Safari and helped support Sizo school. Together we are making a real difference in Africa.

Written by Carl Fox

Rhino Poaching is a huge problem

As many of you will know Rhino poaching is a huge problem in South Africa. So when we came across an anti poaching patrol in the Kruger National Park, it was good to be able to offer our thanks for their efforts.
Rhino poachers tend not (as may be imagined) to be just a few amateurs with a rifle. On the contrary the poachers work for high powered international cartels that are buying Rhino horn at $50,000/kg or approximately $200,000 per horn. The poachers operate with the latests technology including night vision goggles, helicopters and tactics that show a high level of ability, professionalism and motivation.

However, there are many NGO's and Government organisations working to combat Rhino Poaching. Whis has lead to the OTS management assisting with the development of systems to combat poaching. After all, it is support for conservation that is at the very heart of what we do and why On Track Safaris was formed in the first place.

Join us in Africa and help to support our work in conservation.

Written by Carol Fox

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Now this is camping

Black Leopard Camp proves the case that even in a tent there is no need to compromise on those luxurious touches. Each tent is individually and beautifully appointed with locally sourced furniture and hand made linen.
We base most of our safaris at and from Black Leopard Camp which lies in a secluded valley at the heart of the Thaba Tholo Wilderness Reserve. A reserve which is also the base for our Leopard research team, as many of you will know.
Every tent has a private outside shower and bathroom with views  of the mountains
Bedrooms come with en-suit bathroom and private stoop, but in addition each tent has a private outside shower and bathroom, where you can kick back and soak away the dust of the day in a roll top bath enjoying the magnificent mountain views and maybe a glass of fizz to cap it off.
View from the main lounge deck
To say the scenery is breath taking would be an understatement. We have over 14,000 acres of pristine bush to roam on during game drives.
Another BLC bedroom
If you would like to join us on safari and experience Black Leopard Camp (along with other fantastic reserves and lodges) then contact Carol and together we'll make the dream come true.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Big Tuskers still around

Magnificent bull Elephant
It's a great treat (not to mention a rare sighting) to see a big tusk elephant. We came across the chap pictured above early one morning and although he was feeling a big grumpy (which meant we needed to keep a safe distance), it made a wonderful start to our day.
Big Tuskers were once common place in Africa, but big game hunting during the later part of the 19th and early 20th centuries accounted for many of the big boys. However there are still a few around.
To be called a big tusker the tusks need to weigh approximately 100lbs, but aren't really a good guide to age other than to show maturity and seniority.
If we went back just thirty years there were seven impressive big tuskers in the Kruger National Park, the so called Magnificent Seven (after the 1960's western).
Although they have since passed away, their genes remain in the Kruger herds, which gives optimism that we'll see more in years to come.
For now, we're just enjoying the encounters we have with the chap pictured above.
Join us on safari in South Africa.