Thursday, 13 October 2011

Affinity with Nature is what we are all about

Our wildlife safaris are all about our visitors being immersed in nature. Our guests have had some great wildlife sightings of late and we believe that those opportunities stem from our staff being conservationists at heart and moreover having an affinity with nature. That almost sensual understanding of nature and wildlife is key to being able to enable our guests not only to see wildlife but go one step further and 'experience' nature.
Take the picture above showing OTS Manager Carol enjoying a close encounter with a Nyala this morning, while a herd of Wildebeest look on.
The trust that one is shown from wild animals comes from their sense that they are safe. This male Nyala, now named 'Neville' (sorry about that), lives on a large reserve, where after the recent rains there is plentiful sweet grazing for him. Yet along with many other Antelope species he is happy to spend time with Carol.
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Written by Will Fox