Wednesday, 19 July 2017

What are your safari vehicles like?

South Africa - Land Rover 110 at Rukiya Safari Camp
"What type of vehicles do you use on safari?"
It's a very easy one to answer. Mainly because in terms of make and style there are only a small number of 4x4's that are both up to the job and can be readily adapted for game viewing. 
India  - Maruti Suzuki better know as a Gypsy
Of-course open vehicles that have been special adapted for game viewing, are the number one choice.
India - Gypsy also serves as a breakfast bar
And when it does to stopping for breakfast or snacks mid game drive, the vehicle comes in very handy.
South Africa - breakfast in a dry river bed
In South Africa, there is often need for a tracker to assist in finding animals, so a special tracker seat is installed over the front of the vehicle to allow the tracker to the sign and track!
South Africa - Tracker seat

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