Thursday, 13 July 2017

South Africas Indian influence - Gandhi

As we expand our safaris across Africa and India, the links between the two continents become more and more prevalent. Not only in wildlife conservation, but also in historical links which pop up everywhere.
For example: In South Africa, we often have lunch at Satara rest camp during a day trip in the Kruger National Park. The name Satara sounds authentically African, but actually originates from the Hindu word for seventeen. It seems the original surveyor who named the farms in the Kruger Park, had exhausted his list of possible farm names when he reached the seventeenth farm to be mapped. His Indian assistant offered up Satara and the rest is history.

Of-course one of the most well known historical figures to span the two continents was Gandhi.
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (his birth name) arrived in South Africa in 1893 at the relatively tender age of 24 as a newly qualified lawyer on a temporary assignment to act on behalf of a local Indian trader in a commercial dispute. What was meant to be a short stopgap for the struggling young lawyer turned into a 21-year stay.
By the time Gandhi left South Africa for the last time in 1914, he had already earned the appellation Mahatma (or Great Soul) for his work in securing significant legal concessions for the local Indian population in South Africa.

Written by Will Fox

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