Saturday, 1 April 2017

Wildlife weekend breaks Dorset

 Our new and exclusive weekend breaks, offer opportunities to experience the wildlife activity found in the forests around the Isle of Purbeck, Dorset in Autumn 2017.
Accompanied by local ecologists, you will take morning and evening guided walks in search of rutting deer, foxes, badgers and a multitude of smaller mammals, reptiles, amphibians and birdlife.  All the while, the forests are bursting into colour as autumn unfolds.
From misty mornings as the forest wakes, to hushed evenings as the sunsets, autumn is a magical time to be with nature.

We are focusing on the forests in and around the Isle of Purbeck, as this is an area that On Track Safari founders Will and Carol know well. Key to our developing UK wildlife breaks is the relationships that Will and Carol have forged with local ecologists and wildlife managers through their work in wildlife conservation. That now enables us to offer unique and exclusive wildlife experiences.
The Isle of Purbeck is designated as Area of Outstanding Natural beauty, however, it is not a true island but a peninsula in Eastern Dorset.
Our resident guides have an in-depth knowledge of local wildlife and specialize in the abundant deer species that populate the area, enabling us to offer a unique experience for our guests.
We have a number of forests and woodland where we operate in a 25mile radius of the small market town of Wareham.

There is a wide variety of accommodation available in and around Wareham, from self-catering eco lodges, to guesthouses and country hotels.  We have hand picked a selection of different venues for our guests, so just let us know your preferred style and budget and we can arrange your accommodation. Of-course, you can also arrange your own accommodation if you prefer. 
Camera trapping
We operate a small network of camera traps in the forests in support of local conservation initiatives. As ever our guests will be able to be involved in camera trapping during their weekend with us.

Wildlife Walk and Stalk
Group sizes are limited to a maximum of four.
Prior to arrival you will receive a suggested kit list advising on what to wear and bring with you.
Our aim is to walk and stalk. In the normal course of events, the beginning of each walk will be along woodland paths, where we will look for indicators of a variety of species and investigate each one appropriate. Although our primary aim will be to find deer and larger mammals, as ever we’ll stop to investigate everything large or small, flora or fauna that nature reveals.
It is likely that your walk will culminate in stalking (walking skillfully and stealthily to unobtrusively approach wild animals, without disturbing their natural patterns and activities). We may also sit and wait (hidden) at likely locations, using local knowledge and field craft, to view deer that may well be found in woodland clearings and adjacent meadows.
Although seasonal weather patterns can affect the rut start date, October is normally the time when the Sika deer rut is at its height as the stags fight for dominance.
The duration of each walk and stalk will be for around two hours dependent on what nature provides.
For guests who have arranged their accommodation with us, our guide will meet you at your hotel on your first day, from where you can drive with him or follow him to the pre-selected forest for your evening walk.
For guest who have arrange their accommodation independently, we will supply directions to a pre agreed meeting point.

Duration: Two nights (Friday to Sunday).
Departure: September – Early November.
Walk and Stalks: Friday evening, Saturday morning and evening and Sunday Morning.
Price excluding accommodation £250pp
Contact Carol to register your interest

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