Thursday, 10 March 2016

Wild dogs on safari

Several safari guests have recently asked about the chances of seeing wild dogs on safari. So we've looked back at our stats to give some indication.
Wild dogs are one of the most illusive of the large predator species to see. There are several factors that affect this. They are endangered with the overall population at an alarming diminished number, but another key factor is that they have huge home ranges. Normally much much bigger than we could traverse on any safari. So to see them there is an element of pot luck.
On any particular day and on any of the reserves we visit in the greater Kruger, the dogs need to have roamed into that part of their territory.
But to come back to the question. If past statistics are anything to go by, then we see wild dog on 32% of our safaris. Given all that is involved in finding them, thats an amazingly high stat.

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