Friday, 11 March 2016

Our leopard research programs going from strength to strength

Kevin Richardson far right with Tabby Stokes middle
2016 sees a major step forward for our leopard research program. We are expanding the number of reserves where we conduct research across three provinces of South Africa. The latest reserve to be added is Welgedacht in Gauteng. As well as being a key area for us in terms of habitat and location, Welgedacht is also the home of Kevin Richardson's Lion Sanctuary.
Kevin pictures above, along with Tabby Stokes our head researcher,  has been involved with our leopard programs for over a decade, making Welgedacht an ideal location to be part of our expansion.
Click here if you would like to volunteer to join our leopard research team in 2016, or join an On Track Safari.

Camera Trap set to picture passing animals 24/7

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