Monday, 28 March 2016

Local liaison for Thailand conservation

It's often the case that we offer local conservation education wherever we operate our conservation based safaris. Pictured is our guy in Thailand (Luke Stokes) passing on some advice on camera trapping and associated systems.
After living in Thailand for over ten years, Luke speaks fluent Thai, which makes life much easier when working in the forests and jungles.
Join our Asian safaris in Thailand or India and you will be supporting Luke and local conservation programs.
Check out our website or Email Carol for more information.
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Sunday, 27 March 2016

Thailand, special discounts for enquiries made now.

New for 2016. Our unique Thailand Safari offers wildlife viewing in Thailand’s magnificent national parks. Home to Elephant, Leopard, Bear, Primates, a multitude of birds and much more. Plus time for rest and relaxation at an exclusive beach resort. 
Escorted by our leopard conservation team you will enjoy a unique safari that is unavailable elsewhere.
As with all On Track Safaris this trip supports local wildlife conservation projects. We’ve created this exclusive bush and beach safari to offer a unique opportunity to enjoy forest trekking and game viewing in some of Thailand’s magnificent National Parks accompanied our conservation team. Plus time to rest and relax on the coast at an exclusive beach resort. An ideal mix of beach and bush, personally selected by Will and Carol.
Will and Click here for more information and then contact Carol to enquire about our special discounted offers.

Friday, 25 March 2016

Tiger Tiger

Ever since visiting India years ago to meet local wildlife conservationists, Will and Carol have wanted to open an Indian safari. There is a symmetry between their work in Africa and the issues faced in India with Leopards and Tigers, which has maintained professional links with the continent ever since. And so our new Indian safaris have been created, which as ever follow the On Track Safaris ethos of providing a great wildlife viewing experience with quality accommodation, and to raise funds for local wildlife conservation. 

Our twelve day Tiger and Taj safari visits three different wildlife reserves, where you can enjoy some of India’s finest game viewing and wonderful hospitality. This safari starts and ends in Delhi and as with all our holidays has a main focus on wildlife, but we’ve also included a cultural element with a sightseeing tour of Delhi and a day trip to the magnificent Taj Mahal. We have also included internal flights in India. 
We are offering special discounted rates for the first ten people who enquire about our 12 day Indian safari. Click here to find out more and then contact Carol to enquire.

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Black Leopards

Captive Black Leopard pictured at Kevin Richardson Lion Sanctuary
Safari guest often ask about Black Leopards, after all some of our safaris visit Black Leopard Camp, which lies at the epicentre of Black Leopard sightings in South Africa over the last forty years.
The cats above were pictured at Kevin Richardson's Lion Sanctuary. Kevin has been a long time supporter of our work with leopards in South Africa.
Black Leopards are not a sub species, but rather a normal leopard with an over abundance of melanin in the coat rendering all the body black. However as you can see from the examples above, the distinct leopards rosettes and spot pattern is still there, if very well camouflaged.

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Thursday, 17 March 2016

Safari Live

Many of the viewers of the iconic TV series Safari Live ask how they can come on safari and experience a safari in the flesh, as well as hoping to meet the Safari Live presenters and team behind the scenes.
So for those viewers of Safari Live who would like to come on safari, here is the good news. Will Fox (CEO of On Track Safaris) is also a director of WildEarth Media the company that produce Safari Live. Moreover, Will has directed hundreds of the live safari shows, especially those broadcast by National Geographic in the USA.
If you are a viewer of Safari Live or have an interest in wildlife broadcasting and would like to meet Will and get to know how these live shows are produced....then join an On Track Safari

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Rhinos in, but Hippos out

What is the big five? Are Hippos in the big five? And if not then why not?
All good questions, especially when one sees a lot of the tourist hype around seeing the big five.

Bottom line is that is exactly what it is, tourist hype. Our guests want to see as much as possible, and often when asked at the beginning of any safari they answer with one word. EVERYTHING.

The origin of the term big five is also quite distasteful. Although now used in tourism across Africa it actually denotes the five most dangerous animals to hunt on foot. Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Buffalo and Black Rhino.
At On Track Safaris, we'd much rather aim for EVERYTHING.

Friday, 11 March 2016

Our leopard research programs going from strength to strength

Kevin Richardson far right with Tabby Stokes middle
2016 sees a major step forward for our leopard research program. We are expanding the number of reserves where we conduct research across three provinces of South Africa. The latest reserve to be added is Welgedacht in Gauteng. As well as being a key area for us in terms of habitat and location, Welgedacht is also the home of Kevin Richardson's Lion Sanctuary.
Kevin pictures above, along with Tabby Stokes our head researcher,  has been involved with our leopard programs for over a decade, making Welgedacht an ideal location to be part of our expansion.
Click here if you would like to volunteer to join our leopard research team in 2016, or join an On Track Safari.

Camera Trap set to picture passing animals 24/7

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Wild dogs on safari

Several safari guests have recently asked about the chances of seeing wild dogs on safari. So we've looked back at our stats to give some indication.
Wild dogs are one of the most illusive of the large predator species to see. There are several factors that affect this. They are endangered with the overall population at an alarming diminished number, but another key factor is that they have huge home ranges. Normally much much bigger than we could traverse on any safari. So to see them there is an element of pot luck.
On any particular day and on any of the reserves we visit in the greater Kruger, the dogs need to have roamed into that part of their territory.
But to come back to the question. If past statistics are anything to go by, then we see wild dog on 32% of our safaris. Given all that is involved in finding them, thats an amazingly high stat.

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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Exclusive 14 day safari - including your own private game reserve.

An unparalleled safari offer, enabling you to enjoy the lifestyle of the rich and famous, with your own game reserve in Africa. And the best news of all…. at an affordable price.
Our fourteen day exclusive safari offers the unique opportunity to have your own game reserve in Africa as part of your safari package. Available for couples, friends groups and families from February to mid July.

Your safari starts and ends at Black Leopard Camp where you have private access to your own four star lodge on the magnificent 15,000 acre Thaba Tholo wilderness reserve. Accompanied by our game rangers and leopard team, your party will be the only guests on the reserve. Offering you an unparalleled experience. You direct the daily schedule, whether that be game drives, bush walks, the menu and meal times. Perhaps add a night drive after dinner. Whatever you wish, it’s your game reserve to explore.
Days 1-4 and 12-14 are spent as exclusive guests at Black Leopard Camp, enjoying private access to your own game lodge and reserve. Days 5-11 are spent visiting luxurious game lodges and big five game reserves in the greater Kruger park.
Email Carol for more info or check out our website

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Experience a different safari - Relaxed leopards on game drive

Leopards are the reason why Will and Carol founded On Track Safaris i.e. to support their work in conservation, with the INGWE -Leopard Research program.

We're very lucky to often find relaxed leopards on game drive, who are unaffected by gamed drive vehicles and go about their daily lives without a care for the excited tourists taking photos near by, all respectful of wildlife but bursting with excitement at seeing these iconic animals.

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