Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Rhino - another story all together

Probably the biggest poaching issue we have in the Kruger National Park area is that of Rhino poaching. With Rhino horn bringing prices of $80,000/kg on the Chinese market, it is a very lucrative, if illegal, business and one we are all working to combat.
Thankfully the game reserves we visit have anti poaching units and regular patrols, which may be expensive, but are needed to protect the species.
Black Rhino (pictured above by safari guests), are now quite rare, but we are often privileged to bump into them on safari.
The White Rhino (above) is a little more common with around 20,000 left in Africa, and we do see them regularly. I can spend hours just watching these prehistoric looking, yet surprisingly graceful, animals and I very much hope that you too can enjoy that experience.

Written by Will Fox

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