Saturday, 7 November 2015

Your own camera in Africa - the ideal gift for Christmas

Our Camera Trappers program gives you the opportunity to be connected with wildlife in the African bush from wherever you live in the world. Not only will you be connected with Africa but you will also be supporting vital wildlife research aimed at conserving leopard numbers and other species.
So how does it work? As a Camera Trapper, each month you will receive pictures from your camera placed in the African bush, together with our monthly digest.
Our leopard research team already utilise an extensive network of camera traps placed on game reserves, but we need more cameras. By increasing the number of cameras we can increase our research areas and collect more data to be able to  provide sufficient information to model leopard behaviour and numbers.
By joining On Track Camera Trappers program you will be actively supporting INGWE Leopard Research, as well as enjoying some amazing wildlife pictures sent to you each month.
Camera traps are digital cameras that are set out along game trails in remote locations within our various research sites. These camera traps are triggered by movement and operate 24 x 7, secretly recording the movement of animals without need for human presence or disruption of nature.
You can join the On Track team of camera trappers and you will have your own camera in Africa.

We use the camera trap images to identify individual leopards from their unique coat patterns.
Each leopards coat pattern (spots and rosettes) is just like a finger print i.e. unique to each individual.  We have created identification kits (a series of photographs of each known leopard taken from various angles and sides) and it is by comparing the camera trap images to these ID kits, that we can determine if it is a known leopard and where and when it was located. In this way we can build up a picture of leopard movement, density and behaviour that is previously unknown.
This information can then be shared with governing bodies to assist them in credible and accurate decision making for the welfare of the species.

Camera Trapper £120
This 12 month membership option buys your own camera in Africa, for our team to use and includes batteries and SD cards. You can select the reserve where you wish us to place your camera from any of the reserves where we conduct research.
You will receive pictures from your camera each month, together with our monthly digest of some of the best photographs taken elsewhere as part of our research. As a camera trapper your will enjoy the following benefits:
  • You name your camera and select the reserve you wish it to be used on.
  • Each month you will receive a selection of the best photographs taken by your camera, together with our monthly digest of some of the best photographs taken from our pool of camera traps set around our research areas.
  • 10% discount off an African Safari with On Track Safaris (terms and conditions apply), or 10% off a two night stay at selected game lodges within our research zones.

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