Saturday, 16 May 2015

Dans bush blog 6

Afternoon all and welcome back to the blog. 

I’ve spent the past couple of days working hard on INGWE's leopard research and I have to say it’s certainly an interesting experience analysing all of our camera trap images for big cats as well as other predators but now I can definitely see how our volunteer program is such an efficient and productive way of learning about the different species and behaviours of the variety of animals in Thaba Tholo Reserve. 

But aside from my duties as a research assistant, I’ve also been given a very unique opportunity to help move some new residents into the reserve. Thaba Tholo will now be home to Buffalo!

Of course this is all very exciting news but what that meant for me was a day of solid graft moving 300kg buffalo from one reserve to their new home. As a tourism student from the UK I can honestly I wasn’t exactly a professional in this field but I soon found out that carrying sedated masses of pure muscle on a stretcher to their transport trailers is not the easiest work in the world. But never the less, it was quite rewarding once we moved all 13 to their new enclosure in Thaba Tholo as they seemed to look and feel at home in no time. You can see my pictures in the blog show the buffalo leaping from the trailers and this has been one of the most memorable moments for me so far during my trip to South Africa…memorable because it’s a new species that can be admired and enjoyed by safari guests but also memorable because the next day my whole body was aching so much I couldn’t move from the sofa.

Thank you for following the blog and I hope you’re all enjoying partaking in my experience and can see what South Africa and On Track Safaris has to offer.

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