Thursday, 14 May 2015

Dans bush blog 5

Hey everyone!

Reporting in for another bush blog and the latest news is I have been called to action to work at our safari base Black Leopard Camp! Due to the lodge being fully booked with excited safari guests it was requested I leave behind my territory of Conservation Village and help out the rest of team at BLC. 

During my delivery up to through the mountains of Thaba Tholo I was treated to a cheeky game drive where we were lucky enough to bump into the local group of giraffe which have been recently seen with the arrival of their new shaky-legged baby!

After this little treat I finally arrived at Black Leopard Camp and I’ve got to say all of the stunning photos I’d seen previous to my trip to South Africa still didn’t do this place justice. You’ll be able to see from my photos how authentic and unique BLC is but I still couldn’t capture the welcoming atmosphere and how it embodied my own personal presumptions and perceptions of how African style lodges should be (big words I know). I was given the responsibility to help host on the bar which not only meant I was able to interact with all the guests but also meant I could enjoy all the breath-taking views of both the engulfing mountains and gorgeous valley…and looking at all this from a place that makes you immediately feel at home with such fantastic hosts Alan, Lynsey and the rest of the On Track Safaris team.

Enjoy my pics of the lodge and if you fancy getting some more information on joining us on safari then don’t hesitate to drop Carol an email - 

Speak to you all soon. 

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