Saturday, 2 May 2015

Dans bush blog 2

Welcome back!

So I’ve woken up to another sun-soaked morning in the Thaba Tholo Reserve and even though I’m still feeling a little bit drained from travelling I’m still keen to check out the area and have a wander around. 
My new home is the stunning 'Conservation Village' in the Thaba Tholo Reserve. This camp is mainly for our On Track Safaris volunteers and the base of operations for INGWE leopard research and I have to say for a small set up it has so much character and feels like there is a lot of history behind it. So far it looks so raw and authentic so it really feels like I’ve been thrown in the deep end of the life in the bush which is still a priceless experience that really is the opposite of my usual student routine. 
Tomorrow I’ll be heading further into the reserve to join Becky and the rest of the OTS & Black Leopard Camp team for our Bush Sense Experience which should be which is a unique approach for getting our guests adjusted their wild surroundings.

Also take a look at our YouTube chanel for my personal tour around Conservation Village so you can get to better grips with my bush life so far. 

See you soon.

Written by Dan Swan


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