Sunday, 15 February 2015

Safari Bush Walks?

The question most asked by visitors to our stand at the Times Travel and Destination show was "do we do bush walks?"
Well the simple answer is yes, especially in the morning and before the midday sun makes seeking shade a much better option. But there are a few caveats that go with that answer.
First is to say that having your boots on the ground is a fantastic way to really experience the African bush. Your guide will literally show you how to read the bush (we call it reading the morning paper). From reading animal tracks, to understanding the use (both medicinal and cultural) for tress, shrubs, bushes and even dung; it's a great experience.
To be honest the only downside is that you will not see or get as close to animals on foot as you would in an open game drive vehicle. The bottom line is that animals tend to view people on foot as a threat, but not vehicles. Which is why our safaris offer a balance between both experiences. Join us in Africa and experience the difference.

Written by Will Fox

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