Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Big and small in Zambia

There are some great opportunities to view game in the Luangwa Nation Park in Zambia. We mix game drives in an open vehicle with bush walks, with a preference for walking where possible.
Sparrow Weaver nest
Something I hadn't seen before was a Sparrow Weavers nest. Very similar to the weavers nests seen throughout Africa, but in this case it has both an entrance and exit and is used all year as a .... well ....... house, and not just for breading.
Puku Antelope with a baby Ele
We came across this baby Ele playing around with a small herd of Puku, while we were on a bush walk. Okay so you can't see the herd of Eles with mum just out of sight, but she was keeping a close eye on us and her baby.
Hippo in an Oxbow Lake
The meandering nature of the River Luangwa, means that series of Oxbow lakes have been made. Now isolated from the main river, they are very popular with Hippo, Croc and all game.

If you would like to visit Zambia on safari, then email carol@ontracksafaris.co.uk for more info.
Written by Will Fox

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