Sunday, 11 May 2014


A crash of Rhino 
The collective noun for a group of rhino is a 'crash'. And when you get six male rhino together 'crash' is a very good descriptor. This group were seen on safari by Chris and Linda in one of the new reserves that we have been trying out.
I won't give the name of the reserve obviously, as we don't want to alert poachers to their presence, but as you can see they are doing very well.
Chris and Linda are very experienced travellers and were on their second safari with us, which was a new experience for them, as they normally never holiday in the same place twice. Such is the quality of an On Track Safari:)
Those of you who visited our stand at the Times Destination Show in London this year, will no doubt have met Linda, who - we are very pleased to announce - has now joined the On Track Safaris team. 
Linda has a wealth of wildlife travel experience and can offer our guests sound advice, not only on our South African safaris, but she will be helping us to expand our foot print to other wildlife destinations.

Written by Will Fox

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