Thursday, 8 May 2014

Snakes and schools - what could go wrong?

One of the big fears a lot of people have is snakes. They're actually a very rare thing to see on safari.
Safaris aside, we like to support all forms of wildlife conservation and that includes all reptiles. Luckily we have a good friend who runs a snake conservation program and we often recruit his help to go into schools to not only educate the children on the various species, but moreover encourage them to be respectful and understand more about the snakes that live in their area.
OTS guide Becky Freeman showing some of school children a File snake
On Tuesday this week, some of the OTS team (accompanied by safari guests) visited one of the rural schools we support to educate the entire school about snakes.
Becky with a harmless file snake in front of the whole school
File snake heads for cover, somewhere warm!
Will, sat with some of the under fives. The boy on the left who had been rather boisterous, became a new best friend. 

Safari guest and teachers with some of the equipment donated to the school.
Written by Carol Fox

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  1. What an honor to have visited the school. The children were so happy and eager to learn. When Will was handing out the books to the children, it brought tears to our eyes, realizing that these children have never owned a book, and saw it as a special treasure.
    Thank you for this opportunity! Couldn't have had a better time!