Friday, 11 April 2014

Sizo pre school class thanks to OTS guests

Carol and Becky with the nursery school class we fund
As many of you will know, On Track Safaris supports many causes, one of which is a local rural school near our home reserve - Sizo Primary.
As well as building a new dining room, kitchen and IT centre, we were asked to fund a pre school teacher, such that a nursery school class could be started for the first time.
The class started at the beginning of the new years term and is doing very well. We currently have 20 children all aged 4 years, who are going from strength to strength. In just three months they are learning English (essential for school life), can mange to write their own names and above all enjoy the school environment.
Pictured above are Carol and Becky from OTS with just some of the children. Below are guests enjoying a brief moment away from wildlife on a visit to the school, where they donated pencils, crayons and note books, which as you'll see were put to instant use.

Written by Will Fox

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