Thursday, 10 April 2014

How could you?

Turning back to talk to my guests on the game drive vehicle, the excitement in my voice let them know what a magical experience we were enjoying.
“Folks, I can’t tell you how special an experience this is. To be able to move through the bush at such close quarters with such a relaxed herd of wild elephants is unbelievable.”
It may sound trite but we load experience after experience into our safaris, and I can understand how its difficult for our new safari guests to quantify just how special such experiences are.
On this particular safari we had two guests who were new to safaris and another couple who had been on many safaris elsewhere in Africa. So I figure you can understand that when all four were blown away by the wildlife experiences we added each day, I felt reassured that we have it right.
And not only our guests, along with all our guides, I never tire of enjoying these moments. How could you?
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Written by Will Fox

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