Thursday, 20 February 2014

Just another day at Thaba Tholo

“Will call back for Rudi”.
The call came over the reserve radio, which was strange as Rudi had only left my house a few minutes earlier.
“I've found a kudu carcass close to Remys pool. Looks like a leopard kill and the nearest camera trap has been damaged in the fight”
Carol and I had heard a leopard around our house during the previous evening which made sense as this was only 500 meters away. Well, when I say heard a leopard, what I really mean is we heard lots of antelope alarm calls and watched their anxious behaviour as they knew a predator was close at hand.
While Rudi took the damaged camera away to see if he could repair it, I took my Quad bike to go and investigate. The carcass was fairly fresh, no more than a day or so old, which probably meant that the leopard (or in this case leopards) were somewhere close by. 
I spotted one leopard watching me from an adjacent bank just as Rudi radioed back to let me know that he’d checked out the SD card from the damaged camera trap and sure enough it had some great pictures of Diamond Girls two adolescent cubs.

Just another day on the Thaba Tholo wilderness reserve, but it set up some exciting game drives for our safari guests over the next few days.

Written by Will Fox

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