Monday, 20 January 2014

Day 6 in Uganda

Day 6 in Uganda and we've settled nicely into the rhythm of this country and the Western Rift valley. We cross the equator several times as we head to different game viewing locations. Stopping for the obligatory silly photo, standing with one foot in each hemisphere.
In the afternoon we trekked down into a gorge under the canopy of the rain forest to see if we could find the illusive chimps that live there. 
After a briefing from our guide we follow his lead along single track trails in search of signs of the chimps. The remains of the skin of some fruit, accompanied by fresh scatt indicates they are very close.  Nelson our guide leads the way, walking as quietly as possible until we find them. We keep low and quiet which allows us to spend the next 30 mins sitting in the forest watching these fascinating primates just 5 meters away, uneffected by our presence.

Written by Will Fox

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