Monday, 2 December 2013

The Mighty Termite

The best known animals in Africa are probably the “Big 5”, a term coined by hunters for the most dangerous animals to hunt on foot. They are lion, leopard, buffalo, rhino and elephant. We don’t just go looking for the “Big 5”, we want to see the Big 5000! There are so many more species out there than just those 5. One of the smallest you are likely to see on safari are also possibly one of the most fascinating, the Termite. These cool little critters are often overlooked because they are an insect, but what other animal has such a complex social system, that works so perfectly? They make their homes a nice consistent temperature by opening and closing various air ducts so the temperature never changes in the mound by more than 3 degrees! Much better than any heating system I have ever known that’s for sure! They defend their homes with anything it takes, even their lives if they must. Next time you see a termite mound, stop and take a good look, you never know what you might see happening.
Written by OTS Guide Becky Freeman

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