Wednesday, 11 December 2013

For your eyes only

We've recently extended our leopard research program, into the Balule Reserve, which we also visit on safari. We've developed a great relationship with the lodge mangers Adrian and Kim, who not only manage their amazing bush lodge to the highest standard, but they've also become good friends and always very popular with our safari guests.
Our head guide Becky Freeman will be managing this new research program for us, but moreover she'll be able to provide the reserve managers with data on a variety of species. Including Rhino. 
Balule is open to the Kruger Park and has a healthy population of Rhino, both Black and White, as seen on game drives. But what most visitors don't see is the huge security operation that the reserve runs to protect its Rhinos.
I can't go into that, nor will Becky be able to publish any of her Rhino related data (essentially camera tap pictures). Sadly, those camera trap pictures are taken from set locations and could tip off poachers as to the Rhino location, so must remain confidential. 
However that doesn't mean that the Rhino we find on game drives are off limits. Quite the opposite. As ever we'll do our best to find them for you, so that you can enjoy experiencing and photographing these almost prehistoric giants. 
We've been very fortunate to see both species of Rhino regularly at Balule, and long may that continue.
Written by Will Fox
OTS Manager.

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