Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The ever present poaching menace

We've been enjoying some wonderful Rhino sighting recently. Both white and black rhino. Of-course the ever-present threat from poaching is always on our minds. Rhino horn is fetching $75,000/kg on the black market, most of which goes to China, where it is bizarrely used as natural Viagra!
In South Africa we lost over 500 rhino to poachers last year and this year will be even worse. At that rate the rhino will be functionally extinct in South Africa within ten years.
Behind the scenes the anti poaching patrols are doing a great job to keep that menace away from the reserves we visit, but even they can't prevent natural deaths. With this precious resource dwindling it was a great shame to discover the carcass of a white rhino that had been killed in a fight with elephants not far from one of our safari lodges. The reserve is open to the Kruger park with no fences between, so its difficult to know which elephants it was and why. It is something that can happen in the wild, but nonetheless it's a great shame to loose another rhino.

Written by Will Fox

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