Monday, 24 June 2013

How close is TOO CLOSE!

"How close can we get to the animals?" is a fair question I'm often asked. Without going into my normal spiel about animals comfort zones, that as I write I can already hear our recent safari guest chuckling about. The bottom line is that it is the animals that make the call.
Of-course your safari guide will have the experience and know how to judge the behaviours of wild animals in any sighting. He or she will be checking to see that all is well while your happy snapping away or just enjoying being close to nature. There are often small signs that let a guide know that animal is happy to permit your presence. And if not, then we'll pull out and leave them to it.
Elephants are a great example of this. When we come across a herd of Ele's the first thing we do as we approach is to watch the Matriarch, if she is happily browsing and ambling along, then the rest of the herd will be calm and generally content to allow us to share some very special times in their company.
Long may it continue.
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  1. Thanks Will, a lot of people don't know enough to look to the animal for permission to observe.
    Can't wait 11 more months!