Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Big Tuskers still around

Magnificent bull Elephant
It's a great treat (not to mention a rare sighting) to see a big tusk elephant. We came across the chap pictured above early one morning and although he was feeling a big grumpy (which meant we needed to keep a safe distance), it made a wonderful start to our day.
Big Tuskers were once common place in Africa, but big game hunting during the later part of the 19th and early 20th centuries accounted for many of the big boys. However there are still a few around.
To be called a big tusker the tusks need to weigh approximately 100lbs, but aren't really a good guide to age other than to show maturity and seniority.
If we went back just thirty years there were seven impressive big tuskers in the Kruger National Park, the so called Magnificent Seven (after the 1960's western).
Although they have since passed away, their genes remain in the Kruger herds, which gives optimism that we'll see more in years to come.
For now, we're just enjoying the encounters we have with the chap pictured above.
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