Friday, 22 March 2013

We don't just view animals - is more than a tag line

We don't just view animals, is more than a tag line. It embodies what our safaris are about. Take yesterday morning as an example:
We found quite a large herd of Elephants in a heavily wooded area and with some careful off road driving we managed to get close up to the herd. Oblivious to our presence, they were doing what Elephants do, and basically destroying the trees in their path. Either by stripping and eating the bark (effectively ring barking the trees) or pushing them over to get at the top branches and expose the roots.
The herds’ matriarch was very relaxed. A mood that she transmitted to her family and to us as well.
We were able to sit surrounded by these giants of the bush and observe their interaction and behaviour and communication at close quarters. We don't grab a quick photo, tick off another species and move on. That is the a ground rule of our safari ethos. Unlike the run of the mill safaris, we spend time enjoying being in the bush experiencing wildlife. 
Hence our second tag line - Experience the difference.

Written by Will Fox

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