Sunday, 31 March 2013

Nature can be cruel

Lioness who had just killed a leopard cub
We can never be sure what we will find on safari. But one thing that is for certain, is that nature determines what we will see. Often wonderful, sometimes breath taking and on occasion sad.
Take for example a recent game drive in the Thorny Bush reserve, where we came across three female lionesses lying in a dried up river bed.
A wonderful sighting any day. But my heart sank when I discovered the reason they were there. They had killed a six month old leopard cub.
Sad scene
The blood on one of the lions was testament to the fight that the leopards mother had put up, but she didn't stand a chance when facing three lionesses. We could see from the tracks that the leopard and another cub had fled the area. Yet the lionesses stayed put hoping that she came back to check on her dead cub.
She had more sense and stayed away.
There were mixed emotions as we drove back to our lodge for breakfast later. We had experienced nature in its cruelest form. Predators are very competitive and lions won't tolerate other predators competing for prey, even when there is enough to go around for everyone.
Yet the overwhelming feeling was one of being privileged to have been there and seen it first hand.

Written by Will Fox
On Track Safaris

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