Thursday, 31 January 2013

Recognition for Alan, Lynsey and the BLC team.

Early this morning I had a very excited call from my mate and business partner Alan Watson who owns and manages Black Leopard Camp.
"We got it" he almost shouted..."They were blown away, they gave us four stars over all and five star grading for the individual rooms"
Two days ago the grading council had visited BLC to inspect the premises and had clearly been very impressed, as well they should have been. As anyone who has visited BLC will know, the outcome of any inspection could never be in doubt, but nevertheless, it's wonderful to get official recognition.
Alan and Lynsey, owner mangers of black Leopard camp

Our South African Safari base is of-course Black Leopard Camp which is located on on the Thaba Tholo Wilderness Reserve. We start and finish all our safaris here, which is also the base for the INGWE - Leopard Research program that I have managed for the last five or more years.
We chose Black Leopard Camp for two reasons, first and foremost is that Alan and Lynsey are not only great friends but they're also involved in our work in conservation. indeed Alan is a fellow director of PAW Conservation Trust (the none profit organisation that we operate, and the primary reason that we started our safaris i.e. to raise funds for PAW). Secondly that the eco-chic accommodation can defiantly be classed as stunning.

From my part I couldn't be more pleased for Alan, Lynsey and all the team at BLC. And also pleased that the grading council are finally recognising the excellence of eco friendly bush camps such as BLC.
It is a secluded haven within the magnificent mountain bushveld that is the Thaba Tholo Wilderness Reserve. With Alan and Lynsey in charge the reserve is now in the hands of the second generation of Watson's to take custodianship of the reserve. They see their role as one of maintaining the pristine habitat for generations to come and long may they continue.
INGWE head researcher Tara Pirie overlooking the Thaba Tholo Wilderness Reserve at dusk
Written by Will Fox


  1. What a wonderful review! Congratulations on your 4 and 5 star rating!

  2. Well deserved because the whole place is so beautiful and Alan and Lynsey so friendly. Wish it wasn't so far away because we would be back all the time. The other staff need praise too, such as Dylan and the other guides and the kitchen staff.
    See you all again in the future.