Monday, 7 January 2013

Lion prides, Nothing but a family thing

The dynamics within and between lion prides are ever changing and often violent. Take for instance the scenario we found yesterday morning.
We had seen two lions mating in front of our lodge during the previous evening.
Observed only through night vision binoculars as we didn't want to disturb them.
We soon found that the lioness in question had left her pride and temporarily wandered off with a male from another pride. Which wasn't a good idea.
The females from the second pride didn't approve and let her know as much my giving her quite a mauling. The pic above was taken the next morning as we found her wandering around. You can see some scars on her hide from fighting off her attackers!
Now stranded on her own, she was frequently and desperately calling for her pride, who had drifted further south hunting Buffalo and out of range for her calls.
Thankfully they found each other later that day as seen below.
During our afternoon game drive we found them all back together, now hungry and looking for an evening meal!
A passing Buffalo bull (daga boy) may have seemed like a possible item on their menu, but these ladies (and boy) had more sense. The male Buffalo was too much of a risk for even this intrepid pride. They watched with interest as the unworried Buffalo walked by, secure in his ability to be able to defeat four lions!
The good news for the lions and not so good for a kudu bull was that they did eat that night.

Written by Will Fox

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