Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Breakfast at home with a leopard - how cool is that

“Lynsey is coming to the house.”
Carols excited words came as she checked the GPS collar updates from Lynsey one evening after supper.
Not, I hasten to add that we have collared our friend Lynsey (who runs Black Leopard Camp), but rather the leopard that we named after her.
We caught Lynsey on the Thaba Tholo Wilderness Reserve in August, as part of our leopard research program. She was then fitted with a GPS tracking collar that allows us to monitor her behaviour and movements without any further intrusion. She was up and around none the worse for wear very soon after and is providing some great data for the program. It’s vital work that is needed to protect the species. However on this occasion it gave us an exciting times as well, knowing that a Leopard was hunting in the area around our house.

It was too dark to be able to see much that evening, but Carol was back in the office at dawn checking the collar data on Google Earth. Which told us she had settled in the grounds around our home.
Carol was excitedly shouting from the office, ‘she’s here, she’s right here!”
I already knew.
As I opened the blind in our bedroom Lynsey was sat under a tree about twenty meters away, looking quizzically at me.
We are usually up and about very early, but on this particular morning we enjoyed breakfast on our bedroom stoop with a Leopard checking us out.
How cool is that!

Written by Will Fox

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