Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Carol was beaming. "We have to add this option to our safaris"

"Okay Fabian, so where are the Whales?"
We had just arrived at our beach front accommodation in Hermanus and our host Fabian sat chatting with us on our balcony.
Fabian, looked at me curiously (okay if I'm being honest it was more a look which said this fella must be blind!).
"There" he said, looking towards the sea. "There are three of them in front of the lodge"
I searched the horizon, desperately trying to spot a fin or water spout and not appear to be the total idiot I obviously was. But nothing.
"There" he said again, this time pointing down at the sea. Not out to sea, where I had been looking.
An expletive slipped out, followed by a disapproving look from Carol.

Right in front of us, there were three Whales playing in the surf!
Carol was beaming. "We have to add this option to our safaris"

So......If you would like to mix big game viewing with whale watching, then read on.
Our new - Big Game and Whales safari is available from August to November next year. Those are the months when the Southern Right Whales whales return to Walker bay to breed.  
The package starts with our ten day wildlife safari, followed by a short flight down to Cape Town and a three night stay on the beach front in Hermanus. 
Hermanus is the Mecca for Whale watching in South Africa and is the worlds premier place for land based Whale watching.
Not only will you be able to view the magnificent bay from your private balcony, but also take a boat trip out into the bay to experience being on the water with these wonderful creatures.
Note: Reassuringly the boat operates under a strict code that ensures they don't affect the Whales behaviour, or interfere with them in any way.
During our stay we also wandered out through the gate at the bottom of the garden and onto the magnificent wild beach to sit on the sand. With a glass of fizz in one had and binoculars in the other, we watched young calfs with their mothers working the edge of the surf. It doesn' get much better than that.
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Written by Will Fox
On Track safaris

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