Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Safari luck and squeezing in filming

We’re having great fun squeezing in filming for the Trapper TV series, between safaris. With Dairen Simpson around there are always laughs, especially when he’s off camera and lets say……. whimsically barracking from the side lines (as above).

Just after these shots were taken I headed off to the airport to pick up some new safari guests. 
Gary and Julie are on their second safari with us and I was pleased to say that they brought their usual luck with them. On their first evening drive in Thaba Tholo we came across a beautiful male leopard, just 200m from Black Leopard Camp. We sat with him for around 20mins, before heading back to camp to quickly view Gary's photographs over a drink before dinner.
They have headed off to the Kruger National Park today escorted by our guide Conrad. I know that they were torn between the excitement of the next stage of their safari and hoping not to miss out on a leopard capture while they are away from Thaba Tholo.
We’ll see what happens, over the next weeks trapping. If their luck holds out then they will have the experience of a life time when they come back from the low veld. Because (as ever) our guests have a chance to ‘BE INVOLVED’.

Written by Will Fox
OTS Manager

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