Monday, 3 September 2012

Filmmakers entertaining OTS guests

I have a brief respite from leading our safaris this week, which gives me more time to spend with the wildlife capture team at Thaba Tholo Wilderness reserve. As part of our work in leopard research we are hoping to catch and collar three resident leopards to assist in our behavioural studies.
We are being filmed as part of a TV series, which was very fortuitous for our last safari guests, as we had a budding wildlife filmmaker with her father on safari who was very happy to be able to rub shoulders with a professional wildlife film crew. The film crew are also staying at our Safari base (Black Leopard Camp) which meant that the conversation over dinner always migrated to those behind the scenes/inside stories about the various wildlife documentaries that the crew had worked on over the years.
There are some very funny stories, detailing exactly what can happen and even go wrong when making a wildlife show.
Of-course as ever our safari guests can be as involved as they wish in our conservation work and other than being entertained by the film crew over dinner, can take part in the leopard capture program while they are with us.
I am due to lead the next safari which starts on Friday, so I hope we can catch a leopard over the weekend so that our guests can 'be involved'.

Written by Will Fox
OTS Manager

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