Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Bush Walks

Guided bush walks are very popular with our safari guests. Whether we are at Thaba Tholo Wilderness Reserve of Thorny Bush, we will always offer bush walks to our guests as they are a great way to experience the bush.
Okay it would be fair to say that you are unlikely to see as many animals (at least close up), when on foot as compared to a vehicle. Wildlife becomes tolerant of game drive vehicles, but many animals consider folks on foot to be a threat. However during a bush walk we have the opportunity to take our time and consider the smaller creatures, flora and fauna, tracks etc etc.
Of-course good field craft is essential if you wish to get the most out of a bush walk. Our guides not only lead the way and keep guests right, but for those who have an interest in learning more about field craft then we'll take time out to show them more.
It's all common sense stuff and not only of use in Africa but also when guests are back at home, enjoying countryside walks.
There is one other good point about bush walks. We love to be on foot in the bush with our guests, its a brilliant way to show you more about nature.

Written by Will Fox
OTS Manager

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