Saturday, 18 August 2012

Walking with Cheetah

We were very fortunate to have an opportunity to follow two Cheetah on foot during our latest stay in the Karongwe reserve. 
During our late afternoon game drive, we opted to leave the vehicle for a while to take a bush walk to see if we could find two Cheetah that had been seen in an area which was impenetrable by vehicle.
Of-course we need circumstances to be right, but when the opportunity presents itself them we'll always give our guests the option to take a bush walk.
After only ten minutes walking we came across the two boys soaking up the last of the days sun, before heading off to hunt as the light faded. Our safari group had an exciting time walking along behind the two Cheetah, through the bush and out onto one of the reserve roads, which gave them easier access to find some prey.

It's an incredible experience to be able to follow these magnificent creatures on foot. Of-course there are some essential precautions one needs to take and we ensured that everyone in our group had been well briefed on what to do and not to do. For example not to crouch down in the long grass. If one stands tall then the Cheetah don't see you as a threat, but crouch down and you become prey. 
Simple precautions but nevertheless essential. After all these are wild animals in their natural environment and we have to play by their rules.
Returning to our land rover to continue our game drive, the words I heard from everyone around me were "that was very special". They were right. it was. More than just viewing animals from a vehicle we were able to walk with them, bringing a whole new aspect to the safari experience.

Written by Will Fox

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