Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Keeping warm at Sizo School

The unusually cold weather we have had during the last couple of weeks prompted us to deliver some extra warm woolen hats and gloves to the children of Sizo primary school.
We have had some very strange weather of late, friends in Joberg were calling me last week to let me know that they had snow!! Thankfully we didn’t have it that bad, but the school kids do start very early in the morning and as ever were very pleased to see us.
It’s a pleasure to visit Sizo School, we often drop in with safari guests. The teachers and pupils get a real lift from meeting folks from around the world, who are interested in their school. Hence the delivery of hats and gloves, all donated from safari guests and their friends.
Of-course it wasn’t just us humans that felt the cold, some of the wildlife species are feeling it as well and looking for some extra sustenance.

Written by Will Fox

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