Saturday, 18 August 2012

Follow the hunt

On Friday morning we were fortunate to find a pride of four lions (one male and three lionesses), that were following a  herd of approximately 150 Buffalo. 
With the wind in their favour, they were steadily working their way toward the unsuspecting Buffalo, unphased by our presence and providing us with a wonderful chance to watch the hunt.
Using all the available cover one lioness took the lead, while the others followed her at a distance that was just enough to be able to get there quickly when the lead lioness made her attack. Yet far enough away not to tip the balance.
We watched in silent yet excited anticipation as the lead lioness stalked towards two Buffalo bulls that were dawdling behind the main herd.
She slinked through the long grass getting to within five meters of her targets unoticed. Then crouched down, with every muscle tense, ready to spring forward, waiting for the right moment. 
The two old Buffalo bulls armed with powerful horns can easily kill a Lion, so she needed to be on the top of her game.
Just as she was about to charge, the wind swirled and the entire Buffalo herd smelt the lions behind them, causing pandimonium. First running away and then spinning round to face the lions. 
With the younger Buffalo safely coraled behind their elders, the lions now faced a barrier of angry Buffolo, with all horns pointed in their direction.
There ended the hunt (for the moment). 

Written by Will Fox

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