Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Exciting Times

We held a kick off meeting for our latest Leopard Capture program this morning at our research base on the Thaba Tholo Wilderness reserve.  Pictured above is myself with some of the trapping team including our head researcher Tara Pirie.
The four week event is being filmed as part of a TV series entitled 'The Trapper", which is centred around the work of my good friend and wildlife trapping expert Dairen Simpson (pictured centre below).
Dairen and the film crew (pictured below) are staying at our Safari base Black Leopard Camp.
Our aim is to collar three leopards as part of our research project and as ever On Track Safari guest will be able to be involved with the capture program as well as meet Dairen and the film crew who will be fellow guest at Black leopard Camp.
Exciting times for us and our safari guests.
Written by Will Fox
OTS Manager


  1. Oh how i wish this was happening when we are there. Did i read this is a tv show for australia? Any chance of some video on the blog or facebook?

  2. I wish I were there with the team at Thaba Tholo! This is very exciting as it will allow you to track the activities of three leopards! Will it be Diamond Girl's cubs and Lucky?
    Hope to learn more.

  3. Hey Shirley
    We can't collar the cubs as they are too young, but you may like to know that this is being filmed for a TV series and is likely to be on your screen in 2013.